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Business disputes can come from all directions, from inside and out. Business legal issues can represent a real threat to the livelihood of the business. Business owners want to get past the dispute as quickly and effectively as possible so they can focus on what's important.

The Daytona Beach business dispute lawyers at Hassell + Snell has an abundance of experience resolving all types of business disputes. We can work to resolve your external or internal dispute through informal negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and business litigation.

Our lawyers in Daytona Beach have decades of experience handling challenging disputes for businesses large and small, including family-owned businesses. We can assess your situation and work with you to devise a plan for the most ideal resolution of the dispute.

External Business Disputes

Business disputes with third parties — such as vendors, subcontractors, customers, franchisees, and former employees — are almost inevitable. Often the relationship is contractual, and breach of contract issues are common. Disputes with external parties can also implicate various local, state, and federal laws.

It is vital to work with an experienced business lawyer to resolve disputes with third parties. Improperly handled disputes can lead to broken relationships, damaged reputations, and lost profits.

Internal Business Disputes

Business disputes between owners can be much like a divorce — emotional, distracting, and expensive. Unfortunately, these disputes often involve people who are family, friends, and long-time colleagues. Mishandled, the situation will only get worse and drag on long term, possibly ending in the termination of the business.

Sometimes these disputes involve improper conduct, such as:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Breach of a non-compete or non-solicitation agreement
  • Theft of a business opportunity
  • Interference with a contract or business relationship.

Similarly, disputes also arise because of tensions and fallout related to the acts of majority owners versus minority owners.

At Hassell + Snell, we have considerable insight into business dispute dynamics and various resolution strategies. We’re also familiar with the legal claims that can be brought and how to defend them. We’re problem solvers who can work with you, third parties, or other owners of your business to resolve your issue.

Involved in a business dispute in Daytona Beach, Central Florida, or another state? Call Hassell + Snell at (386) 866-3033 to discuss the particulars of your dispute. We can travel to you and help even if, ultimately, the dispute heads to litigation in state or federal court.


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  • Breach of Contract and Violation of the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act
  • Fall at an International Retail Club Store
  • Failure to Defend Insured Business
  • Computer Crimes Act and Florida Uniform Trade Secrets Act
  • Injury Claim While Caring for an Elderly Dementia Patent
  • Overtime Under the Massachusetts Wage Act
  • Trade Secret Theft, Breach of Restrictive Covenants and Computer Fraud
  • Breach of Non-Compete